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You’ve seen it at the Winter Olympics – and now you can play in Atlanta!  

Curling is a fun, friendly and accessible Winter Olympic sport open to all age groups and experience levels.  There are no size, strength or speed advantages in curling which means it’s a level playing field for all participants.

For a quick primer, this 2 minute video explains it all:

Check out this video from USA Curling and you’ll be watching curling like a pro in no time:

This video from the Canadian Curling Association talks about the type of people you’re likely to meet:

This one requires some fact checking:

One of the cool things about curling is that how you get the stone moving doesn’t matter.  Those with mobility issues can use a delivery stick so that they don’t have to get down in the lunge position.  That means a stick curler, a wheelchair curler and a hack delivery curler can all play on the same team.  Can’t sweep?  No problem – we have workarounds for that too.

We play in sneakers (there’s no skating) and we provide all equipment.  All you have to do is show up and have a great time.

Ready to try this crazy fun sport? 

I want to try curling!

Great!  Sign up for our Learn-to-Curl class and you’ll be throwing stones in no time.

Class starts with a quick 10 minute off-ice safety talk.  Then we move onto the ice as a group to learn how to sweep (10 min.)  After that, we break into smaller groups and we’ll guide you step-by-step through the basic skills for delivering a stone and sweeping it into the house (45 min).  Once you are comfortable with delivering a stone and sweeping, we pull it all together and play a game consisting of several “ends.” (45 min).  By the end of class, you will be fully prepared to join league and play in pickup games.

All age groups, physical abilities and experience levels are welcome.  One of the great things about curling is that the delivery position is irrelevant.  Players can release the stone upright using a delivery stick (no bending required) or launching from the hack.  This is a sport that relies on finesse rather than strength or speed – which makes it a true level playing field.

Curling is a fun, inclusive and social sport so feel free to sign up by yourself or bring some friends.  There will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures and make your Facebook friends jealous.

Where do you play?

We play at IceForum Duluth conveniently located just off of I-85 on Satellite BLVD.  The address is 2300 Satellite BLVD, Duluth, GA 30097.

IceForum Duluth is wheelchair accessible and there is a bar/restaurant overlooking the ice as well as stands next to the ice.  Non-participants can hang out and watch for free.  We usually play on the 2nd sheet all the way on the left side of the building.

What do I need?

Nothing.  All equipment is provided.

What should I wear?

It can be chilly in the arena (40 – 50 degrees), but curling is an aerobic sport.  Some people get hot and some get cold, so please dress in layers.  In fall, a hoodie or sweater is recommended.  In winter you may also want a hat and gloves.  For pants, you want to wear something that you can comfortably squat down in (probably NOT skinny jeans.)  Sneakers or similar close toed footwear is required.

No ice skates are allowed.  In fact, there’s no ice skating at all.  Sneakers and loose fitting clothing are all you need.

Can I take pictures?

Yup!  Take all the pictures and videos you want and post them to Facebook or wherever.

Anything else?

Non-participating spectators are welcome and do not need to register.  Minors need a parent’s signature on the waiver.  Children 12 and under require an ice-sport related helmet (parent’s discretion.)

Curling is a very social sport.  After every game we hang out and tailgate (called broomstacking in the curling world.)  After class, grab a beverage and hang out with us!  The Breakaway Grill has a full bar and a wide variety of traditional bar/pub food– wings, burgers, fries, etc.

What’s the Atlanta Curling Club?

The Atlanta Curling Club is a 100% volunteer run, 501(c)3 non-profit.  It was founded in 2010 and has provided league play and curling instruction every year since then at multiple locations around Atlanta.

The club is built around the idea that everyone should be able to play and enjoy the sport of curling.  There’s no trash talking and no one gets yelled at for a missed shot.  Games are competitive, but also cooperative.  As a growing club, every experienced player helps new players learn the game and develop their curling skills.  In fact, our leagues are set up so that each team has a mix of brand new and experienced players, and we specifically reserve spots on tournament teams for brand new players so that they can get the full curling experience.

We offer learn-to-curl classes, Fall, Spring and Summer leagues, corporate team building events, and we attend tournaments all up and down the East Coast.  Since the 2014 Winter Olympics, we’ve taught over 3,500 people how to curl and we have members of all experience levels.

The Atlanta Curling Club is constantly innovating to bring new people into the sport and grow the community.  The club implemented a policy of encouraging new players to attend their first out-of-town tournament within their first season or two, and automatically registers teams specifically to bring new players to their first tournament where they will meet other curlers from clubs all over the country.  In partnership with our regional organization GNCC and national organization USCA, we have hosted multiple free tournaments for our craft brewery friends.  We were also a 2018 & 2019 partner organization of the Atlanta Science Festival and taught students some of the cool science behind what sweeping does, and why the stone curls the wrong way.

We’ve also have floor curling kits where people can experience the fun in schools, Boy/Girl Scout Troop meetings, bars/breweries and at festivals.  During the 2018 Olympics it was featured on TNT’s Outside the NBA where we taught Shaq, Barkley, Smith and Johnson a little bit about curling.  Here’s the video:

Thanks to our programs, amazing volunteers and efforts to build a strong community on and off the ice, we’re one of the few clubs that grow membership in non-Olympic years.

The Atlanta Curling Club is very active off the ice.  We hold monthly off-ice activities including brewery tours at most of the local craft breweries, entered a Rock Paper Scissors tournament (with a 2nd place win!), bowling nights, team trivia, annual picnics, watched the Atlanta RollerGirls, brewed curling themed beer at brewpub Slice & Pint in Decatur and we started our own in-house homebrew club ACHAC (Atlanta Curling Homebrew Adjunct Club).

Join the fun!  Now is a great time to sign up for a learn-to-curl class, join the league, play a game or buy a gift certificate. Feel free to email questions to

We hope to see you on the ice!

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