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Curling looked like fun in the Olympics, now give it a try!  –  Sign up below:

Give curling a try and see if it’s as easy as it looks on TV.  We’ll teach you how to throw a stone and sweep it into the house.  You’ll learn how scoring works, and all about sweeping!

All equipment is provided and all you need is loose fitting clothing and sneakers.  Curling adapts easily for anyone with mobility issues.

We play at Atlanta IceForum at 2300 Satellite Boulevard, Duluth, GA 30097.  Class check-in time is 10 minutes before your selected start time. 

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Learn-to-Curl Classes

Learn To Curl Saturday, August 26th @ 8:00pm
Learn To Curl Saturday, August 26th @ 8:00pm
Learn To Curl Saturday, August 26th @ Atlanta IceForum from 8:00-10:00 PM
Price: $35.00

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Learn-to-Curl Free Game:

If you’ve graduated from a Learn-to-Curl class and are ready to cash in your free game, Email Us for your free game. Available spots are based on the number of substitutes needed for the week of league, and specific dates may be given in your follow-up email after the class. 

Please note, free spots are limited.
We strongly encourage you to register for league to ensure your spot on the ice.

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